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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  January 26, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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welcome to news4 this week. hi, everyone. i'm veronica johnson. we're going to show you some of the more interesting local stories making news this week. among them, the behavior described as inappropriate and disrespectful caught on camera. we'll tell you about the security concerns this video is raising around d.c. landmarks. hundreds of thousands bear witness to history. we've got your inauration recap from the special ceremony details to the singing controversy. and we'll tell you about the new milestone for a local college student who became a worldwide symbol of hope in the fight against cancer.
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first, a news4 i-team exclusive is causing a stir with the national parks service. rangers are caught on camera breaking into restricted areas, and it's raising some serious concerns about security around some of d.c.'s national monuments. tisha thompson has more on the video that's launched an internal investigation. >> the news4 i-team obtained a copy of a dvd that looks like a home movie, with the words "this must stop" on it. but what we found has the u.s. park service reinforcing security at monuments thousands visit every day. it's an inside look at some of the most famous monuments in washington. above the lincoln memorial, inside the washington monument, underneath the jefferson memorial. but here's why this isn't just your average tourist video. people in national park service uniforms reporting themselves breaking lox, hopping over construction barriers, picking bolted doors, to get into areas
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all over the greatest washington, d.c. area, spots even they admit on camera they're not allowed into. >> it's even locked to us, but for whatever reason, the door is open, so i ran and got the camera. >> we showed the video to carol johnson with the national parks service. >> the actions on the video were inappropriate, they were disrespectful, and they're not representative of the hard work of the 22,000 park employees across the nation. it was very disappointing. >> reporter: the video shows multiple ways to gain access to restricted sections of the national mall clund underneath the washington monument, on top of the old post office pavilion and inside historical bridges. >> if this bridge starts going up, i'm going to free out. >> reporter: due to serious concerns about security, the i-team agreed not to show some of the access points. >> our initial concern was that the areas shown are secure.
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>> reporter: they say as soon as they saw the video, his officers checked out the locations. >> we made sure that we went and had a physical inspection and found that everything was secured. >> reporter: parts of the video are at least ten years old, like this shot of the national mall with the world war ii memorial under construction, but the news4 i-team has identified at least one man still working as a park ranger her in d.c. >> we're doing an internal investigation, and we're going to take disciplinary and legal action, as warranted. >> reporter: the park service says it also identified one employee currently working on the national mall and in the process of interviewing current and former managers to find out what the rangers did and did not have permission to do, and why they even videotaped themselves in the first place. the park service promises to keep us updated on the results of the investigation. tisha thompson, news4 i-team. okay. so let's go from our nation's
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monuments to a huge day in our nation's history. crowds flocked to the national mall for president barack obama's second inauguration. he wowed spectators with his 18-minute speech. his and his family were wowed afterwards by the parade that followed. jim vance has the highlights from the big day. >> reporter: the celebration of democracy on our nation's front lawn. hundreds of thousands converging on the mall to witness history. the president taking the ceremonial oath on bibles used by president lincoln and dr. martin luther king junior. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: in his address he echoed themes sounded by both lincoln and king. >> while freedom is a gift from god, it must be secured by his people here on earth. >> reporter: the president talked policy, urging action on the deficit, global warming, and the protection of children. >> we reject the belief that
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america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. >> reporter: he called for action not just from washington, but from each and every one of us. >> we are made for this moment, and we will seize it, so long as we seize it together. >> reporter: the ceremony a treat for the senses, for the eyes a sea of red, white and blue. ♪ glory glory hallelujah >> for the ear some amazing voices. ♪ oh saying does that >> article the ceremony a lunching and parade. crowds lined the streets, hoping to get a glimpse of the president and vice president. then more entertainment. a celebration topped off with a little dancing. ♪
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♪ a good time despite the cold. out of all of those performances, vance just mentioned, one turned into quite the controversy. in the days after the inauguration, superstar beyonce did not comment on reports that she lip-synced the national anthem. a spokesperson for the marine corps band confirmed she did have a recording singing over the band's music and she did choose to use that recording. all of the music for the inaugural events is actually prerecorded as a backup in case there's bad weather or something else hampers those live performances. well, we may not get to dig deeper into the singing controversy, but we are getting a chance to dig deeper into the history of the lincoln bible, used in the president's swearing-in. wendy rieger went to the library of congress for more. >> you'll notice right away, it's surprising, it is a family bible, not a monumental bible.
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>> reporter: but there is something monumental about this small bible with the worn velvet cover. this is the bible that abe ray ham lincoln held in his hand when she was worn in in 1861. just touching it 150 years later, it resonates with the full force of all that history. >> may i touch it? >> certainly. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh, it's wonderful. >> these are the objects that pass through time and culture, and they carrying that meaning with them. it has a resonance, there's a electricity about it. >> reporter: it's referred to as the lincoln bible, but curator points out that lincoln did not own this bible. it was given to him by the clerk of the supreme court, william tom mall carroll for the first inaugural. so lincoln never read this bible, never made notes in it or an advertised any passages. for that reason, scholars find it useless as a source into understanding the great man. but the book does tell us
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something about ourselves. how we honor these objects that were created by the ancestors. and this book, while held for only a brief time by president lincoln is now somehow imbued with his spirit. it has power. >> it gives us in essence the window for our imagination to go to that moment. there is the object that has come to us from time. this was handled by abraham lincoln. it has a quality that pictures and virtual reality will never provide for us, which is -- this makes history real. >> reporter: wendy rieger, news4. amazing that martin luther king bible used for president obama's swearing-in was also imbued with a new history. he granted the king family's request to sign that bible after the ceremony. and shortly before he took the oath of office, the white house released this new official portrait of the president. take a look.
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the photo was taken december 6th in the oval office. it's quite the contrast compared to the official portrait taken for his first term. back then he wasn't smiling, and his hair is a lot grayer now. some say, hey, that's just evidence of how the stress of the job has aged him. well, it seems virginia isn't the only place for lovers. coming up, we'll tell you why officials in d.c. are encouraging you to get a room. and the first of its kind requirement at a local medical school to help treat wounded
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in news for your health, a study shows cardiovascular exercise may have the edge over strength training if you're trying to shed pounds. researchers at duke university found that aerobic workouts burn fat better than lifting weights. they also found a workout that combines running and lifting is no better at burning fat than running alone.
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but health experts stress that any regular physical activity that you do is a good thing. older adults may want to include lifting weights to prevent muscle loss. always consult your doctor before starting any workout routine. definitely. alternative medicine is becoming a mainstream for nation's heroes. military doctors are learning techniques like acupuncture, hypnosis, even yoga and meditation. as doreen gentzler reports, the medical center in bethese dalles is the only center requiring their doctors to training in they treatments. >> reporter: this group of students at the uniformed services university of the health sciences is learning how to hypnotize people. >> more and more relaxed. >> reporter: the hope -- that it can be used to treat members of the military dealing with the wounds of battle, both physically and mentally. >> a lot of times our patient population is different than the
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civilian population. and so, you know, we're dealing with often traumatic injuries, a lot of times when you're overseas, so we're always thinking about the best way to help this guy out. >> reporter: the hypnosis classes part of a broader movement at the military medical school teaching students about alternative or complementary medicine, techniques that can be used to both treat their patients and forself-care. >> it's gain themselves as practitioners, and a launch in a career in military medicine, where they're going to be challenged in ways they can't anticipate. >> reporter: lieutenant general eric schumaker is a professor of emergency medicine. he says part of the challenges these students will face include treating the thousands of wounded warriors left injured during the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan. many of those veterans are dealing with chronic pain,
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post-traumatic stress disorder, even addiction, all conditions where complementary medicine has been proven successful. >> 12 years into armed conflict, and in really unprecedented challenges facing both the force and those caring for the force, means that they ought to have exposure to the widest range of effective therapies that they can. >> reporter: other techniques include chiropractic care, acupunctu acupuncture, medication and yoga. >> the arms come out to the sides. >> very relaxing, and they're difficult, but they felt good at lengthening your body, stretching. you felt very at peace. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. other medical schools now offer elective classes in alternative medicine so that students learn more about the techniques if they want to. so the fact that the military medical school offers -- school requires complementary medicine for all students is definitely a
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waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. visit the national zoo great ape house, and you might see an orangutan with a high-tech toy. the six orangutans e playing with i pads. zoo keepers say the animals are smart and curious and need to be kept busy for their own well-being. the keepers holds the devices, and then testify app.s they love to play with, including musical instruments, drawings and games. i wonder how they would draw us. february is traditionally a slow moth for tourism here in the nation's capital, but now
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they're introducing special deals and discounts to try to change all that. seth lemon has more on what date nights in d.c. is all about. >> reporter: at the birds of paradise exhibit in the national geographic museum, they know all about love. mating calls, showing feathers and chests, all to attract female birds. >> unveiling our first ad. >> reporter: that's why destination d.c. picked the exhibit to announce their spicy new campaign. >> we hear feedback that people think of d.c. as just monuments and museums, but they don't think about the nightlife, the restaurant scene and other things as a romantic destination. >> reporter: it's bound to gram folks' attention. ♪ >> reporter: they hope to get people from new york city to richmond to stay-cation or near-cation. livingsocial partnered with them. >> focing on all up and down
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the east coast, anywhere that would be a great feeder mark to come into the city and explore and have a great date night. >> it's economic development. the more people coming to the city, the more people are employed, and the economic impact is greater. >> reporter: you can go online to look at the deals. they have 100 date ideas along with dozens of museums, restaurants and hotels, reporting from northwest washington, seth lemon, news4. okay. i'm checking that one out. well, he's back in school. he's got a lesson in strength for all of us. we'll catch up with the local student who make "zaching" a student who make "zaching" a
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ah, his strength in the face of adversity went viral. zachary lederer became known worldwide for a simple gesture which became a symbol of hope, as derrick ward reports, the universal of maryland student has reached another milestone. >> reporter: it was just a gesture, the muscle pose, a signal for his family and
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friends that he was strong in will following a round the cancer treatment. it would later become "zaching." >> i'm glad they called it zaching. lederer'ing would be too hard. >> it was great. it was a great boost for us, and hopely for other people. >> reporter: he caught on enthusiasm more than he and his family can imagine. he endured two doubts of cancer, the second in the form of a brain tumor that struck a year ago as he began his freshman year. class would be put on hold, his life and that of his family would morph into something of a new normal. now cancer-free since august there are lingering effects. >> the seizures, the doctors told me, rewire your brain, so learning is going to be different for me than it was last year. and i'm going to need to use different techniques. but, you know, i'm excited for the challenge. >> reporter: besides his broadcast jury roomism major, he's been manager for the
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basketball team. he kept up some of his duties here at the comcast center. he said that was as important to his medical recovery as any of the procedures at the hospital. >> to be around my friends who were in the stands action and then the managers and the basketball players, i mean, that's a family of its own. so it's been great to be around that. and that's a consistency that, you know, i really haven't had much of. >> reporter: now at the restart of a semester cut short a year ago there's a degree of anonymity. that's just fine with zachary. he has his own mission, a philosophy he admits isn't for everyone, but it's right for him. >> not everybody c adopt this way of thinking, but i considered the cancer to be a blessing, and an opportunity for me to show -- prove myself worthy of this life. >> in college park, derrick ward, news4. he's doing good. well, that's all for "news4 this week."
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